Stories for children aged 8 – 12 years

  • Are you having a laugh? A collection of hilarious stories, just for the fun of it! Discover the healing power of laughter and find out why we evolved the ability.

8 – 12 years:

  • World War Two: explore the dangerous and pivotal roles child soldiers and female fighter pilots played in the war.

  • The Birth of The Fifth Sun: features creation myths from all around the world. After hearing 3 diverse tales pupils will devise and perform their own creation myths in groups.
Shadow Puppet tales

  • Incredible expeditions: stories of daring feats gone wrong, from Antarctica to the moon. Pupils will be equipped with facts and encouraged to try to solve.

  • I Know Best: true stories of children who actually turn out to be wiser than the adults around them. This collection celebrates the innate creativity and energy of young people.