Migration Station

Bird feeders

How’s your sense of direction? Birds, butterflies and other creatures travel thousands of miles each year without as much as a map. How do they do it? At this migration themed workshop we learnt about all the different ways migrant creatures navigate, made our own sundials and helped feed our tired new visitors.

We played a simplified version of the Migration Challenge STEM game from PBS.kids.org https://pbskids.org/plumlanding/educators/activities/pdf/MigrationChallenge_FAA_Eng_Span.pdf

Migration Game
Migration Game
Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses
Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses

Newted and booted!

Newt painting

We slipped on some boots and searched for newts! At a Brockwell Park workshop we learnt about their life cycle, their camouflage and how to spot the males with their crests. We made some leaf inspired newt artwork and played our camouflage challenge!

Sadly the newts were hiding from us but we did find some gorgeous tadpoles!

Making beautiful newts!
Making beautiful newts!
Gorgeous tadpoles

See Through the Eyes of a Bee!

Have you ever wondered what the garden looks like to our bees? How do they know which flowers to visit? How can they see even very tiny flowers blowing about on windy days?

At Brockwell Park I lead a craft and storytelling session. We made UV-like lenses, a bee collage, we played planted some bee friendly flowers. We’ve BEEN busy!

Dancing Bee!

Nursery storytelling: Dinosaurs and animals!

Playing guitar for nursery children

I recently visited two nurseries for some early years storytelling. Puppets, music, dinosaurs and sensory crafts galore!

‘The session was all day and all ages of children had a good amount of Helen’s time and there was always something going on whether it be an activity, story or singing. I feel the session was very well organised and communication between Helen and nursery staff meant the day ran smoothly so I wouldn’t change anything about the day.’
– Cheryl, Kids Capers Day Nursery

Early years storytelling
Early years storytelling